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Best of the Year

7 games that pushed accessibility forward in 2021

Our favorite stories of 2021

Horror games made living in 2021 more bearable

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Polygon’s Best of 2021

The games, movies, TV shows, and moments that shaped 2021

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Board games heavily influenced some of 2021’s best video games

Inscryption is the best video game of 2021

Nix Umbra is this year’s scariest and most enigmatic game

Chicory: A Colorful Tale showed us how to color outside the lines

Halo Infinite fulfills promises that were two decades in the making

Metroid Dread gives Samus new power — and new humanity

Resident Evil Village is a greatest hits of video game horror

Hitman 3 is absurd and hilarious, like trying to return a dead parrot

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The 10 (or 11) best documentaries of 2021

Death’s Door balances a grim world with never-ending charm

Wildermyth is the video game miracle of 2021

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The best tabletop games that we played in 2021

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