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We are living in extraordinary times, and this year has seen multiple shifts and adjustments all around the world in response to Covid-19. We’ve lived through a first wave, and now facing second waves of COVID-19 all around the world, affecting global health, economies, routines, and relationships. With these significant and turbulent changes it’s understandable that mental health is suffering on a global scale.

Disruptions to routine can be particularly challenging for students given exams are earmarked for certain years (final year exams, age groups with nation-wide testing). Add to that the uncertainty of the academic year (face-to-face or online learning?), the disruption to social connections (e.g. friends at school, team sports), and potentially uncertainty surrounding futures, and it’s no wonder that coping in this time can be tricky.

With that in mind we have developed a guide on Tips for Student Life in the time of Coronavirus which you can get right here using this sign-up form below. Take a look at our Top 10 tips for managing your studies during these challenging times.


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