This page outlines the Covid policies and practices for our clients attending face-to-face sessions at The Skill Collective.

Our Covid Policy will be updated regularly in response to the ever-shifting Covid landscape, so please bookmark this page and check back regularly.



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Updated 5th January 2022

The document below outlines the policies that will be effective as of 5th February 2022, when Western Australia embarks on its Safe Transition plan and opens its border to interstate and overseas travellers.

Importantly, as of 5th February, 2002, face-to-face appointments will only be available for fully-vaccinated clients who provide documentation of their vaccination status.

Telehealth appointments (phone or video) continue to be available to all clients without need to disclose vaccination status.

This decision is informed by local and national directives and guidelines, including those outlined by Safe Work Australia, as well as industry-specific recommendations from the Australian Psychological Society.

We have approached this policy with consideration and deliberation and value your feedback. Please get in touch via our contact form with feedback and queries regarding this document.