At The Skill Collective we’re committed to helping people build skills for better wellbeing, mental health, and performance. We see mental health as spanning the entire continnum of psychological health, from moments when we are thriving in life and are resilient, all the way through to when we are struggling with poor mental health and psychological illness. Here’s how we can help:




First, we help you make sense of what’s going on for you. That is, we help you see what’s going on internally (e.g. how you think and feel), and externally (e.g. workloads, situational events). We get that you want to make changes, and this approach helps you see what is keeping you stuck where you are at the moment.



Second, we strongly believe in helping you build skills for better wellbeing, mental health, and performance. We take a holistic approach, and depending on what you’re coming in with we may look at a combination of

  • Shifting an unhelpful mindset;

  • Learning specific skills (e.g. emotion regulation, public speaking, exam preparation) and making practical changes to decrease overall stress, and

  • Looking at making small changes to those aspects of physical health that have positive impacts on mental health.

We are committed to helping you build skills that are backed by science and our clinical experience, and drawn on evidence-based techniques from:

  • Solution-focused Therapy

  • Schema Therapy

  • Emotion regulation and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

  • Motivational interviewing

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Mindfulness

  • Positive Psychology



Third, we get that making sustainable changes can be challenging, which is why we help you identify any barriers to change. In doing so we help you maintain momentum with your new skills.



Fourth, we believe in making practical changes. Rather than teach you an abstract concept and leave you to figure out how to use them in real life, we step you through applying these skills to the collective areas of your life, and continue working with you to support you in changing behaviour and mindset. We like to call them our Collective Skills, and you can read more about them here.


If you'd like to work with us please CONTACT US to make an appointment.