Planet Burnout how to decrease overwhelm and live a more sustainable life with tips for Perfectionism Imposter Syndrome Mindset Resilience by Joyce Chong Clinical Psychologist at The Skill Collective in Subiaco Perth


Burnout is on the rise - in fact, it’s regarded as such a significant issue that the World Health Organisation has classified it as an ‘occupational phenomenon resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.’ Whilst the WHO definition places it firmly on workplace stress, burnout can also take different forms:

  • Burnout can affect different populations including students, parents, retirees. The workplace just looks a bit different.

  • We can also experience burnout around certain issues such as Covid-19, where chronic stress builds up from coping with the ongoing news cycle, multiple lockdowns, changes to health restrictions and social distancing, etc.

    Are you living on Planet Burnout? If you're feeling overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, withdrawing from work and life, and find your performance is decreasing, then chances are you're a resident of Planet Burnout. Sounds like your daily grind? If so, our latest workbook may be just what you need to reset, refocus, and live in a more sustainable manner.

HOW can planet burnout HELP?

PLANET BURNOUT is a step-by-step workbook to help you understand the many layers of burnout and build skills for better resilience. The author, clinical psychologist Dr Joyce Chong, has worked extensively with high achievers experiencing burnout, and in it she pours her clinical knowledge and experience into a step-by-step guide. Planet Burnout draws on a range of techniques, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, problem-solving, as well as time and energy management. She also covers practical solutions that have helped many of her clients get on top of the overwhelm they experience on a regular basis.


PLANET BURNOUT is organised into two overarching sections designed to help you dive into the causes of your burnout and how it is being maintained, as well as helping you develop practical skills to make a real change to your life.


Burnout builds up slowly over time, driven by issues core to the individual that impact on the actions they take and the outcomes they experience. At the Core of Planet Burnout we take a deep dive into what leads to burnout, including

  • The Identity piece of Burnout. How you see yourself and why that matters.

  • Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, low self-esteem: How these lead to pushing yourself too hard and burning out.

  • Unhelpful thinking styles that drive unhelpful behaviours.

  • Are you getting in your own way? Lifestyle behaviours that send you to Planet Burnout.


After getting to the core of your burnout, we step through skills to help you live in a more sustainable manner. These include:

  • Making mindset shifts so you adopt a more sustainable approach to your life.

  • Managing stress by calming overwhelming emotions.

  • Developing healthier coping strategies that rejuvenate rather than drain you.

  • Understanding self-care and which type is most important for you.

  • Streamlining your routines to reduce stress from daily hassles.



Planet Burnout is brought to you by our clinical psychologist Dr Joyce Chong.

Dr Joyce Chong is our Principal Clinical Psychologist and has a wealth of experience working with burnout for over a decade. She helps professionals and high achievers who feel overwhelmed in their lives to reset and live in a more sustainable fashion through gaining insight and making practical changes. In Planet Burnout she pours her clinical knowledge and experience into a step-by-step guide to recover from burnout.