Quote of the day - If you know someone who's depressed...

It can be hard to understand what someone is going through when it's something that you're not familiar with. However, it can be all to easy to judge and label others  - how often have you heard the following said about people who are going through personal issues:

They're no longer pulling their weight on the team
They're slacking off
They're grumpy all the time
They're being antisocial
They're so negative all of the time.

Let's take a step back, and rather than seek to judge, let's seek to understand what it may be like to live with depression. How might it affect your ability to get going in the morning? How might it colour what you see during the day? How might it affect your clarity of thought? How might it affect your relationships, work, or studies?

To help with raising awareness, this month we're taking a look at the mood disorders - depressive disorders, bipolar disorder and other related disorders.

Keep an eye out for us next week!



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