Quote of the day: Don't just climb the ladder of success...

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Quote of the day: Don't just climb the ladder of success..

This month we're focusing on high achievers and the wellbeing and psychological costs associated with striving for excellence. To kick things off, we're looking at a really pertinent quote by Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, author, and businesswoman.

Huffington's quote highlights the need to step away from our conventional ideas about what defines success and to consider the impact of the never-ending climb to success on our wellbeing. Huffington herself learned this the hard way when she collapsed from exhaustion and learned to re-evaluate her life. 

The lesson we can all take away from this? To think sustainably when it comes to success and achievement. We cannot expect that living by the adage "Go hard or go home" is something that comes without a real personal cost. Recovery from burnout and mental health issues can take far longer than learning to take a sustainable approach in the first place.

If burnout is something you're facing, take a look at our article on How to Recover from Burnout.



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