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Speaking Volumes is our short course for people who feel nervous and anxious when it comes to public speaking. A fear of public speaking is a common concern, and it can really take away enjoyment of moments in your life.

A fear of public speaking can also invade your daily life, and cause you significant anxiety in the lead up to moments where you have to speak up! In fact, you can find anxiety around public speaking affects the following:

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Grooms, Best Men, Brides, Bridesmaids, Parents, Friends…this is for anyone who experiences nerves around making speeches in celebration of others. It could be a pre-planned speech that has been months in the planning for weddings, or an impromptu celebratory speech at a party.

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Lecturers and teachers might like the educational aspects of their roles (research and learning, developing content for instruction) but dislike being front and centre when it comes to teaching and giving conference presentations.

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Student life isn’t just about turning up to exams and doing well. There are also class participation marks as well as group and individual presentations. Public speaking will also be an inevitable part of your work life and personal life in the future, so getting on top of any nerves you have now will make things far easier down the track.

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Work is so much more than just the technical aspects of your role. You work in teams, you communicate ideas, and as part of these you will find yourself involved in public speaking as you speak up in meetings, give presentations (even at conferences), or pitch for work. We find that individuals can often feel held back from stepping up to the next level at work because of the public speaking aspects of the new role.



Speaking Volumes is a highly tailored course customised to your particular public speaking concerns. We work with you individually to build the skills, and a plan, to help you approach your events with more confidence and less fear.

Speaking Volumes is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) principles, which is a highly effective treatment for anxiety. In it, we help you look at those thoughts and behaviours that maintain your anxiety, and how to gradually overcome these. We look at shifting mindsets, managing uncomfortable physical signs of anxiety, and help you build small exercises to gradually face your public speaking anxiety fears.

Speaking Volumes also takes a skills-based approach in helping you deliver an on point message. We look at how you present when it comes to public speaking (both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills), how you develop your visual materials , and how to structure your presentation.


SPEAKING VOLUMES is organised into six parts, each designed to build on each other to enhance your knowledge of public speaking, build your skills for effective preparation, decrease your nerves and anxiety when it comes to public speaking anxiety, and help you face your fears when it comes to the main event.

part 1: getting to know your public speaking FEARS

This section is all about:

  • Understanding the impact of public speaking anxiety on the various areas of your life.

  • Learning why you feel nervous when it comes to public speaking.

  • Unlocking the unhelpful mindset that leads to anxiety.

  • Gain an understanding of how you come across when engaging in public speaking.



Here’s what we cover in Part 2:

  • Understand how to approach your public speaking fear and take small steps towards conquering it

  • Watch out for sneaking saboteurs when it comes to public speaking.

  • Start to become more comfortable with being the focus of attention.

  • Calming the physical signs of anxiety.


part 3: shaping your presence

When it comes to shaping your presence in public speaking we’ll work on:

  • Developing a ‘style’ that’s appropriate for the event.

  • The verbal aspects of communication.

  • The non-verbal aspects of communication (how NOT to look nervous even when you feel it intensely!).


part 4: thinking about speaking

This section helps you to:

  • Understand how your mindset maintains your anxiety when it comes to public speaking.

  • Understand self-sabotaging thinking styles and how they get in your way.

  • Shift your mindset about your public speaking abilities.


part 5: crafting your message

This section helps you to be on point when it comes to crafting your message:

  • Focus on the essential elements (i.e. the structure) required of your message be it a Best Man’s Speech, a Conference Presentation, or Pitching an idea at work.

  • Crafting a visual presentation that dazzles rather than dulls.


part 6: FINE-TUNING your progress

The final part of the Speaking Volumes session will help you to:

  • See your progress when it comes to presenting and how you come across.

  • Consolidate the skills you have learnt thus far into a personalised Action Plan.

  • Set further personalised goals to continue with your goals.




At present, Speaking Volumes is available only as a face-to-face sessions over six weeks at The Skill Collective in Perth, Australia. If you’re located outside of Perth, drop us a line to let us know if you’re interested in an online version. If we get enough shout outs we’ll definitely look into it!

How much does it cost?

In this highly tailored and individualised course, you will get to work one-on-one with one of our facilitators so that you get the maximum benefit from this course and focus only on those public speaking situations that matter to you. If you wish to complete the course without using a rebate the cost will range from $990 to $1320 depending on which psychologist you work with.

Medicare Rebates may apply if you have been referred under a Mental Health Care Plan with anxiety in public speaking contexts as the main presentation. This reduces your out-of-pocket costs significantly for the six sessions depending on the facilitator you choose to work with. You may also seek out Private Health Insurance rebates, though the rebate amount depends on your Private Health Fund and your level of cover.


Good question! We’ll answer that with…it involves as much as you’re willing to put into it, but the benefits you reap will depend on your efforts. Certainly, just turning up won’t lead to as much benefit as putting the work into it. We recommend:

  • Attending all six of the face-to-face sessions (Medicare Rebates can only be claimed if you have a relevant MHCP in place and you attend the session)

  • Doing reflective work and/or reading in between sessions

  • Carrying relevant activities in between sessions that build on your skills. Yes, this is homework, but we find that completing the homework is the best way to consolidate your learnings.

Who is FACILITATING the course?

Several of the team here at The Skill Collective are trained to deliver Speaking Volumes, including:


ABOUT THE AUTHORS of speaking volumes

Speaking Volumes is brought to you by our clinical psychologist Dr Joyce Chong.

Dr Joyce Chong is our Principal Clinical Psychologist and has significant experience in the area of public speaking. She has presented across a range of audience sizes (from facilitating workshops to small groups through to state-wide conferences) and across a range of industries including tertiary education, agriculture, construction and mining, health, and emergency services. She consistently receives positive feedback regarding her facilitation style and ability to engage an audience.