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Here at The Skill Collective it’s no secret that we love working with students, and we love developing resources for students. There’s a lot of resources out there for students, so what we’ve written is based on the work we’ve done with students over the years. Resources we’ve developed have included:

  • A dedicated resource page for students that brings together all of The Skill Collective’s student resources.

  • Nimble Noodle, an online course that covers study skills, exam preparation, and exam anxiety course. Nimble Noodle steps through exactly how we would work with students facing exam anxiety.

  • Speaking Volumes, a course to help manage public speaking anxiety. We find many students dread class presentations and speaking up in class, sometimes to their own detriment where there are class participation marks.

  • Tips for Student Life in a time of Coronavirus to help students navigate the changing landscape of their studies during COVID-19.

  • Our blog posts for students, which contain helpful information for those looking to learn more about factors that affect student life.

We’re thrilled to bring you our latest resource, a Guide to Student Success, which complements our other student resources listed above. This resource is ideal for university and college students, or those senior high school students planning on entering the workforce after school. It looks at:

  • Planning a path for success in your studies and beyond

  • Essential skills (academic, personal, life management) to build

  • Student wellbeing and mental health

  • What’s in our Toolkit for Success as a Student

  • Our Go-To Resource List

Here’s a sneak peak of our Guide, and you can grab it right here.

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