We offer a range of services to help you build skills for a better life. Whether it’s Wellbeing, Performance, or Mental Health that you’re looking to improve in, we have something for everyone. Here’s how we can help.

Bulk-bill Counselling and psychology services for stress anxiety and burnout in Subiaco Perth

Get a tailored approach to building skills to help you bounce back, achieve, or grow in life. Our team of clinical and registered psychologists help with:

  • Adjusting to change. Change can take many forms (e.g. job changes, migration, grief and loss…even a global pandemic!). We can help support you through challenging times.

  • Stress, burnout, + feeling overwhelmed. Work on gaining clarity, cutting clutter, boosting your wellbeing, and getting a preventative shot against stress by building your resilience.

  • The dark side of perfectionism can lead to burnout, anxiety, procrastination, and low self-esteem. Work with us to build insight and skills to help you curb its negative side so you can stay focused.

  • Anxiety + depression. We love working with a range of anxiety presentations (panic, phobias, social, performance, exam anxiety, public speaking, health anxiety), as well as depression and Bipolar 2 disorder.

  • Health issues. We get that health issues aren’t just about physical health, but also affect identity, social circles, and quality of life. We work with diabetes and other chronic illnesses, pain, as well as cancer. We also work with those looking to cut down on alcohol use or quit smoking.

  • Low self-esteem, body image, + disordered eating have a longstanding impact on enjoyment and quality of life.

  • Preparing for baby, and perinatal anxiety + depression. We love working with individuals to prepare for their new arrival and appreciate that it can be a time of mixed feelings.

  • Building better relationships - romantic, friendship, and parenting - through better communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Performance issues, including enhancing performance through shifting mindset, improving your study skills, working on communication and ‘soft skills’, time management and procrastination, and getting a handle on unhelpful perfectionism.

We have a wealth of experience in working with student issues and high achievers in their chosen fields! Sessions may be eligible for Medicare or private health fund rebates. We also see clients under WorkCover and ICWA arrangements.

Online courses exam anxiety public speaking tips study skills
  • Nimble Noodle is our online study and exam preparation course that helps students study better, manage their mood and mindset, stay on track with their health, and tackle exam anxiety.

  • Speaking Volumes helps you manage a situation dreaded by many - public speaking! Learn our tips to deliver an on point message while manage your anxiety.

telehealth video skype counselling and psychology sessions Medicare bulk-billed sessions for anxiety stress and burnout

Unable to make it to see us in person in sunny Perth, Australia? We provide tele-health services via telephone or videoconferencing. Individual tele-health sessions may be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Contact our friendly team to see how we can help.

Corporate and organisational psychology services for wellbeing mental health and performance including EAP training and workshops in Subiaco Perth

Looking to help build your team’s wellbeing, mental health, and performance? We work particularly well with organisations who want to build resilience in their team, give them grounding in mental health issues that commonly occur in the workplace, as well as maintaining balance in high performance cultures.

Through our Organisational Psychology arm Perquiro we can assist with your organisation’s needs. We help with:

  • Workshops + Seminars on topics related to wellbeing, mental health, and performance. These range from one-hour lunch and learn sessions through to half- and full-day training. We focus on topics including:

    • Stress, burnout and resilience;

    • How to lead a productive life (mindset and habits),

    • Finding work/life balance,

    • Mental Health issues in the workplace, and

    • Mindfulness.

We can also develop bespoke training to meet your organisation’s needs.

We have worked with a range of organisations including WA Police, City of Canning, Harry Perkins Institute, Telethon Kids Institute, Partners in Grain, Dept of Fire and Emergency Services WA, and the Department of Public Prosecution.

  • Employee Assistance Program. Staying well is one of the most beneficial things when it comes to being productive at work. However, life can sometimes throw a curve ball and get you or your team off-track.

    We can help with work/personal problems that impact on performance and psychological wellbeing, including adjustment difficulties, stress and burnout, grief and loss, critical incidents, anxiety, and depression.

  • Leadership + Organisational Development consulting. Our Organisational Psychology Consultancy arm, Perquiro, can build a range of bespoke solutions for workplace needs, including building capability or competency frameworks, talent measurement, psychometric assessment for recruitment and development, as well as leadership and team coaching.

Tips and resources for mental health anxiety stress exams and studying from psychologists

We believe in good mental health for all, and as part of this we have dedicated our time and efforts to developing a range of resources. Feel free to check out what we’ve built, and spread good mental health around!

  • Our Resource Library of tip sheets contains a wealth of tip sheets including:

    • Coping with coronavirus anxiety,

    • What to do in case of a panic attack,

    • How to make small talk when you’re socially anxious,

    • 15 tips to reduce stress: a guide for busy people,

    • When Perfectionism harms your wellbeing,

    • How to succeed at university and beyond, and many more!

  • The Skill Collective’s Blog contains a variety of topics including:

    • Why loneliness is harmful for your health,

    • Millennial burnout,

    • 5 reasons why modern life causes stress (and what to do about it),

    • Anxiety on campus: what students need to know about anxiety and how to manage it,

    • 6 sure-fire tips for exam stress,

    • Psychological risk factors for perinatal depression and anxiety,

    • How a psychologist can help with workplace issues,

    • Imposter syndrome: when the perfectionist feels like a fraud (and how to overcome it),

    • A primer on perfectionism, and many other topics.

  • Our Women’s Guide to Good Mental Health outlines those challenges that face women, from social comparison to Wine O’Clock, and the unique wellbeing challenges facing women at each stage of their lives, we outline a toolkit for women to build better mental health.

  • A parallel to our Women’s Guide to Good Mental Health, our Men’s (Man)ual for Mental Health highlights what mental health challenges men face. From strong stigma (The Man Box) to alcohol, to simple strategies that men can take on and the mindset shifts they can make, check out the toolkit for good mental health for men.

  • Our Productive Life Planner is a perennial planner with monthly, weekly, and daily planners to help you focus on your health and wellbeing while staying on target to achieve your goals.

  • Our email-based 14-day Wellbeing Challenge is perfect for busy lives…each day one email with one simple tip to boost your heart, body, or mind is sent directly to your inbox. It takes just 15 minutes to complete.

  • Speaking Volumes touches on a very important skill that we all need but fear - public speaking! Whether it’s for students who have to present for an assignment, those at work who have to pitch or speak at meetings, or even brides, grooms, or best men, it’s a skill that we have to call upon time and time again. Speaking Volumes helps you not only work on your delivery, but importantly on how to manage your anxiety to deliver an on point message.

  • Nimble Noodle is one very special resource (we may be biased)! It’s an online study and exam preparation course that also addresses the very important issue of exam anxiety. It helps students build their academic, physical, and psychological preparation for exams so they are able to stay focused and avoid burning out in the lead up to exams.